2018 Toyota LC79 6x6 4.5l D4D V8 S/C (RHD)


2018 Toyota Land Cruiser "CLC-6x6" LC79 4.5l D4D V8 Single Cab with 35 000km (RHD)

Our Best Price: USD $ 137'500.-  Ex Durban Port, South Africa


This specific vehicle has the following extreme options included and is fully loaded:


"CLC-6X6" – (Light Utility Vehicle/ Versatile Tactical Light Vehicle)


  • Transfer-case is designed to be selectable between 6x2 and 6x6
  • Air craft grade aluminium gear driven transfer-case.
  • The integrated instrument cluster indicators for the 6x6 system and axle lockers keeps the driver informed in real time whether the systems are fully engaged or disengaged.
  • Payload capacity 4.4-tons on a single cab and 3.9-ton on a double cab 
  • Increased fuel capacity of 310 Litres.
  • Operational  range is increased to 2100kms.
  • Fuel tanks are mounted on anti-vibration mounts, reducing stress in high flex off-road conditions.
  • The axle housing was designed to use the factory differential centre unit and wheel hubs. This allows for original manufacturer equipment “OME” components to be used for repairs and maintenance.
  • Over 50% increased traction.
  • 31” tyres through to a massive 35” tyre can be used on the without modifications.
  • Bead Lock Wheels (tyre can be changed in the field with the use of a single 13mm socket spanner only).
  • L3.5 x W2.0 meter universal load frame (Single Cab)
  • L2.8 x W2.0 meter universal load frame (Double Cab)
  • Over 200,000km of testing carried out.
  • *Optional military-grade internal run-flat system
  • *Optionally the front and rear rotors can be increased in diameter to 350mm and 34mm thick with the calipers upgraded to 6 Pod in the front and 4 Pod in the rear. This braking system has a thermal capacity of up to 800°C to handle any heat generated during demanding stopping events under full payload and tow load.


The following are extra options:


Interchangeable Purpose-Built Modular Units include but not limited to:


  • Personnel Carriers
  • Ammunition Carriers
  • Mobile Mortars Systems, up to 120mm
  • Mechanical Field Workshop
  • 3500L Water Tank
  • 3500L Fuel Tank
  • Food Haulage
  • Cold Haulage
  • General cargo
  • Generator Units
  • Water Purification Plant
  • Waste Treatment Plant
  • Heavy Armoured Vehicles
  • Combination of Above

NB: Just to inform you that our Lisenced (LHD & RHD) Military Vehicle Supplier can build your selected vehicle according to their level of quality and versatile Tactical Vehicle, as the "CLC-6x6" shown. RHD can be quoted and supplied as a complete finish towards your requirements. (Please ask vehicle for RHD vehicle price) As for LHD, you can provide your own vehicles to be developed. Below is the standard changes and pricing provided without the vehicle:

2nd Option: CLC-6x6 Landcruiser SC/DC - Price list to build LHD & RHD 


  1. CLC-6x6 conversion for Landcruiser SC/DC (Chassis cab configuration) Excluding vehicle:      USD 75'500.-

Conversion includes the following:

1.       Heavy duty chassis extension with front chassis supports and all crossmembers

2.       Fuel tank 300l (Upgradable  to 500l)

3.       3.5t Heavy duty complete true track correct diff with upgraded disk brakes

4.       3.5t Heavy duty true track correct diff housing kit(Build standard diff internals over) with upgraded disk brakes

5.       Upgraded front disk brake kit

6.       Selectable Commander 6x6 gear driven gearbox

7.       Heavy duty 6x6 power drive train

8.       Gearbox selector kit to select between 6x2 and 6x6

9.       Plug and play extension harnesses and all fuel lines

10.   Labour to build vehicle

Special Extra Options not included:

  1. CLC-6x6 custom build heavy duty rear bumper + fitment                                                                     USD $ 2'300.-
  2. Rap around front bumper/bulbar + fitment                                                                                              USD $ 2'480.-
  3. 12 000lbs winch + fitment                                                                                                                            USD $ 2'230.-
  4. CLC-6x6 heavy duty rock sliders + fitment                                                                                                 USD $ 2'375.-
  5. Genuine 17 x 9j ET -12 deadlock rims 7off 3650lbs load rating + fitment                                           USD $ 5'850.-
  6. BFG KM3 285 x 70 x 17 tyres 7off + fitment                                                                                              USD $ 4'935.-
  7. Large Clearview electric mirrors + fitment                                                                                                 USD $ 2'930.-
  8. CLC-6x6 DC/SC heavy duty load bin + painting +fitment                                                                       USD $ 10'900.-   
  9. *EFS full heavy duty suspension kit + fitment                                                                                          USD $ 7'320.- 

*Suspension kit includes the following:

2 x Front coils; 2 x front shocks; 4 x rear blades and bushes; 4 x rear greaseable shackles and bushes; 8 x rear U-bolts; 4 x rear shocks.         

  1. Caster correction bracket kit + fitment                                                                                                         USD $ 683.-   
  2. Heavy duty 1200nm upgraded clutch kit + fitment                                                                                    USD $ 2'781.-    

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