Only two of the same helicopters were ever made.
One for President Putin of Russia and another one is for President of Kazakhstan.

The 2nd helicopter can be painted to any colour free of charge. Interior furniture will be made according to your client's requirements.

Mi-171E helicopter is an advanced version of world famous Mi-8 helicopter. More
than 10000 of Mi-8/Mi-17/Mi/-171 helicopters were produced, around 4000 among them
were exported. At present Mi-8/Mi-17 helicopters are operated in more than 80 countries
worldwide. Total flying hours for these helicopters exceed 35 million.
Design, useable materials, documentation, manufacturing procedure and
performances of the helicopter ensure its safe operation.
The helicopter is being used in all climate conditions: aland, asea, in any
microclimatic area including marine, tropical and cold types of climate, under the influence
of maritime fog and sea water.
The helicopter can be operated within outside temperature from minus 50°С to plus
50°С and at relative humidity up to 100%.
Mi-171E VIP helicopter is designed to carry up to 12 passengers in enhanced comfort
conditions; the passengers are accompanied by a flight attendant.
Mi-171E VIP helicopter, ser. No.171Р00643137360U, is ready to be delivered and
has all approvals required by state science research Institute of civil aviation and Federal
Agency for air transport (Rosaviacia) for operation over Russia.
Key advantages:
• Mi-171E VIP helicopter, ser. No.171Р00643137360U, is ready to be delivered in
shortest time;
• At Buyer's option the helicopter can be repainted in accord with any color scheme
(under separate agreement);
• Attractive helicopter price.

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