New Offer - Gas Turbine Power barge 48 MW

The gas turbine is Westinghouse heavy duty one and well maintained with very low operating hours only 30K HR. This means it can operate for 20 years or more life time. 

If compared to new GT from Siemens that can be fixed on barge this could be A45 model which produce 41 MW and cost is € 30 Million Euro. Then we would still have to add power transformer and auxiliaries plus the barge itself which could be additional cost between € 6 - 10 Million Euros.


Estimated Retail Value: € 35 - 40 Million Euros


Our Price Offer: € 18.2 Million Euros





Built in 1996/7 under Westinghouse supervision running on gas condensates and diesel fuel

•       Physical

•       The geared industrial gas turbine that can be re-geared to change frequency from 50 to 60 Hz.  The generator is rated for both 50 Hz and 60 Hz.

•       Fuels

•       The gas turbine is set to run on distillates, natural gas or heavy fuel oil.

Natural gas or heavy fuel oil will require additional piping and fuel ring along with treatment/transfer skids.  HFO skids should be installed on the pier.

Operation History

•       Approximately 30,000 hours operating on gas condensates and diesel fuel up until 2004

•       Placed in layup from 2004 to 2007 at the end of the PPA

•       Acquired in 2007 by a Swiss hedge fund (four power barges total)

•       Three power barges were sequentially reconditioned and either sold or placed under contract (2008 to 2011)

•       Overhauled in 2011/12 in preparation for a new PPA

•       Full power barge reconditioning

•       Hot Gas Path Inspection

New controls

Revamp Program

•       In 2008 various BOP reconditioning services were conducted and a combustion turbine component inspection was performed by TurboCare (Siemens). Major parts were sent to TurboCare for refurbishment.

•       In December 2010 the turbine blades were removed to conduct a rotor evaluation.

•       In 2011 the barge was dry docked and a complete hot gas path and modified major gas turbine inspection was done . All the major hot section parts were replaced including turbine blades, stationary vane segments, transition pieces and combustor baskets. Torque tube and compressor section were inspected and new compressor diaphragms were installed on rows 8 to 11. Turbine journal and thrust bearings were also checked and cleaned. All pertinent clearances and readings were taken and checked according to OEM recommendations.

•       Turbine controls were replaced with a modern and versatile Allen Bradley PLC based system.

•       The final phase of the reconditioning project was completed in July 2012 with a 2-hour Full Speed No Load test.

•       Further FSNL tests were conducted in 2014 and 2016.

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