Private Collector Offer - Mercedes SSK, Ferrari Enzo & Porsche Type 64


 Year : Novembre 2004
• 495 km
• Color : Rosso Scudéria
• 1 Owner
• Version European
• Production : 399 ex + 1 (Michael Schumacher)



The Porsche Type 64 is the 1st Porsche manufactured, the base was that of the beetle
(Type 60)
The engine was a 985 cm3 prepared for 50 HP to 160 km/h
Handmade in Reutter bodywork was aluminium
This car was designed to run in the famous Berlin -Rome in 1939, she unfortunately
never took place because of the start of the second world war


Of the 3 cars initially made, this is the one and only survivor, 2 other cars were
destroyed at the end of the war.
Ferdinand Porsche was able to hide this car in Austria to avoid it suffering the same
So what we have here is the 1st Porsche, and above all, the unique model existing.
It has never been restored and is in excellent condition
It will be also sold with the original manufacturing plans, as well as different
letters exchanged between Adolf Hitler and Ferdinand Porsche.


Ex Carlos Zatusek

DESCRIPTION• Year : 1928
• Only 2 cars in world in this configuration ( One is in Mercedes Museum)
• Chassis : 36246
• Engine : 72308
• First owner was Julio Berndt, the brother-in-law and team-mate of the talented
Argentinian driver Carlos Zatuszek. As already said the car was delivered as a
"Rennwagen" (racing car) without wings and lamps.

• The first important event in which #36246 was entered with the pair
Zatuszek/Berndt was the1929 500 Miles of Argentina Race where they came home
second. The same year Carlos Zatuszek won the Cordoba Grand Prix, a victory he
repeated in 1930 after two second placings at the Grand Prix des Nations and at the
Buenos Aires GP and a "first" at the "Frühlings Preis". In 1931 the SSK and its driver
won the Argentinian GP, (many period pictures of Zatuszek and his car are available
showing the terrible racing conditions of the time)
• Zatuszek was the top Argentinian racing driver. Born in Poland, he had emigrated to
Argentina in 1925 with a friend named John (Juan) Maczack. Maczack was a very
skilful mechanic and Zatuszek a fast and enduring driver. Both men dominated the
racing scene in Argentina for 10 years until Zatuszek crashed fatally in 1937.
Zatuszek had bought #36246 with Julio Berndt who was courageaous enough to be
his co driver in many events. Berndt was a rich building contractor specialised in
steel structures and he shared with Zatuszek the starting money and the prizes they
won with the SSK (he was also known for the quantity of beer he used to drink at
every pit stop!). #36246 was built as a long distance racing car and fitted with the
biggest fuel tank ever seen on an SSK chassis

Carlos Zatuszek sold his SSK in 1935. The car was then driven by three other racing drivers:
Alfredo Olivari, who raced it from 1936 to 1942, S. Sigrand from 1942 to 1947, then Luis
Brosutti from 1947 to 1958. In 1967, the SSK left South America for North America being bought
by Edgar Allan Jurist, owner of the well-known "Vintage Car Store", and his friends George
Waterman and Bayard Ewing. The car was then restored before being photographied by Don
Vorderman. The photos were published in the magazine Automobile Quarterly Vol.7 n°1 in 1968
which wrote: "This is the latest genuine SSK to come to light, and is the only remaining example
known to have been delivered as a racing car, the word "Rennen" appearing boldly on the
original factory invoice."
The author added with a sense of humour: "This is most definitely not for sale..."But some years
later, in 1979, Jurist sold the beautiful SSK to the famous car collector H. Hiashi who sold it again in 1986 to an enthusiast in Milwaukee, Brian Brunthorst. The same year Lee Gohlike wrote in his book on Mercedes published by Motorbooks International: "The ex-Zatuszek SSK, the property of Brian Brunthorst, and the ex-Count Trossi which belongs to the Tom Perkins Collection in California are the only two genuine SSK racing chassis still in existence". Brunthorst sold his Mercedes in 1988 to J. Gottinger who kept it for 11 years. The car had been totally restored between 1993 and 1996 by the Reifen-Wagner Company which had already restored several cars for the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart. The restoration had been made without cost limit and in view of racing the car. This is a very important car, as beautiful as it was when new, reminiscent of an era when drivers showed outstanding courage and stamina.


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